Your Relationship Is Our Specialty

We are a group practice of relationally trained psychotherapists in Midtown Manhattan. We are here to help you enter into your marriage prepared, aware, thoughtful, and respectful of how your differences, and similarities, both work together to create the substance of your relationship.


The goal of marriage is not just to stay together, but to have a fulfilling, close relationship that enriches the lives of both of you.  Premarital counseling provides you with tools to create and live your best relationship possible.Learn More
“How did WE get HERE?” – A one-day workshop to help couples who are losing hope holding onto connection. Couples always ask “Why isn’t it like it was in the beginning? What happened to the sweetness that once lived in our relationship?”Learn More
Preparing for your marriage is a valuable gift to give yourselves. Our program focuses on the strength between the two of you and helps you navigate your differences to enhance your relationship.Learn More
Our program helps you prepare for your marriage. Whether you choose PREPARE/ ENRICH, or a custom program, you will walk together on this journey with a greater awareness of creating a life together. Learn more

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