Our NYC Counseling Practice

We are a group psychotherapy practice of systemically and relationally trained Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) and MFTs in training, working with adult individuals and couples struggling in relationships and in life in general.

Our approach is humanistic and experiential and tends to the minds, bodies, and souls of our clients. As systemically trained therapists, we understand deeply the unconscious recreation of family of origin patterns in the adult relationship. We guide individuals along their journey toward healing, reuniting/ reconnecting them with their authentic beings. For couples we shed light on the unconscious recreation of early attachments and help couples detach from getting their childhood wounds met from their partner and help them create healthy, mutual relationships.

Our mission is for our clients to end the hurtful, repeating attachment patterns they were brought into, so they experience healthy, fulfilling committed mutual relationships.

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Premarital Counseling  in NYC

We provide a wide range of psychotherapy services, with premarital counseling being one of them.

This website provides information about the various premarital services and couple services we offer as couples prepare for marriage.   Please visit our main website to view our full range of services. Midtown Marriage and Family Therapy.

Call us at (917)-968-5599 or email us at info@midtownmft.com for information on our services or to get started.