Interfaith Premarital Counseling in NYC

Premarital Counseling seeks to address the many sensitive topics and challenges couples face when choosing to wed. Adding to an already anxious time, couples that are interfaith/ intercultural often face an additional set of challenges, such as differences in cultural or religious practices. At Midtown Marriage and Family Therapy (Midtown MFT) our goal is to help couples develop the skills to strengthen communication and create a shared vision of a healthy interfaith/intercultural marriage.

What is interfaith/ intercultural premarital counseling?

Interfaith Couples Premarital Counseling NYCInterfaith/ intercultural premarital counseling is a process for interfaith/ intercultural couples who want to take their commitment to the next level but feel stuck, conflicted, and/or anxious due to their religious, spiritual, and/or cultural differences.

What does it mean to be an interfaith/ intercultural couple?

An interfaith couple is one in which both partners come from different religious, spiritual, and/or cultural backgrounds.

 What is interfaith/ intercultural couples counseling?

Interfaith/ intercultural couples counseling is a multiphase process in which an interfaith/ intercultural couple seeks to better understand their partner’s religious, spiritual, and/or cultural background.  Once this is achieved, the couple works on reconciling and bridging their respective differences in terms of beliefs, values, and practices. Ultimately, a couple creates practical, unique, and meaningful ways for both of their traditions to be incorporated and expressed in their relationship. This process allows interfaith/intercultural couples to honor and celebrate their differences while cultivating religious, spiritual, and/or cultural harmony and vibrancy.

How is interfaith/ intercultural premarital and couples counseling different from marriage/ couples counseling?

In interfaith/ intercultural couples counseling, the primary focus of the work are religious, spiritual, and/or cultural issues. However, other couple related issues often get addressed in the process such as communication, conflict resolution, boundaries, and family of origin work.

What is the advantage of specifically working with an interfaith/intercultural couples counselor as opposed to a marriage/couples counselor?

An interfaith/ intercultural couples counselor has specific training in both Couple and Family Therapy and Multi-Cultural Therapy. Thus, they have training and expertise in helping couples explore and overcome a wide variety of relational/marital issues. In addition, they have training in diversity, which allows them to respect, embrace, and integrate differing, and at times, seemingly opposing, religious, spiritual, and/or cultural beliefs and practices.

What kinds of specific issues do couples work on in interfaith/ intercultural premarital and couples counseling?

Couples work on a wide range of issues in interfaith/intercultural couples counseling such as:

  • how to learn more about and better understand their partner’s religious, spiritual, and/or cultural background
  • how to reconcile differing ideologies and practices
  • how to observe and celebrate each other’s holidays
  • how to raise children so that they are exposed to both partners’ traditions without being overwhelmed and/or confused
  • how to find a spiritual community that works for both partners
  • how to integrate both extended families, especially during the wedding/holidays
  • how to remain united while still honoring differences how to grow together spiritually even if both partners are on seemingly different paths


 Interfaith/ Intercultural Premarital Counseling in NYC

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