A one-day, hands-on Premarital Workshop in NYC

Join us to learn and practice tools and techniques to make your relationship the strongest, healthiest, and happiest it has ever been.

Premarital Workshop in NYC, Premarital CounselingStrengthen, enrich, and heighten relationship satisfaction through our Premarital Counseling Workshop. We teach couples tools and techniques to help increase positive communication, clarify future goals, and prepare for a healthy, happy marriage. Relationships can be both rewarding and challenging. The ability to work through conflict effectively while maintaining connection with your partner develops bonds that will only grow stronger over time. Why not begin creating the marriage you want today? Premarital Counseling Workshop in NYC

Research suggests that Premarital counseling helps couples successfully transition from dating to marriage by giving them the information and skills necessary to improve their communication and conflict resolution, increase their intimacy, and discover a new sense of purpose and passion.

Simply put, premarital counseling allows couples to identify their unique strengths and challenges, heal existing wounds/disagreements, improve their ability to resolve future issues, and feel close and connected amidst the stress of wedding planning.

Our Premarital Workshop Goals:

  • Help couples better understand one another
  • Help couples resolve conflict effectively and respectfully
  • Help couples keep chemistry alive and deepen friendship
  • Help couples effectively discuss finances
  • Help couples create a shared vision of their future
  • Help couples learn from others in a supportive, non-judgmental environment


Scheduled Dates for 2014: Please visit our main website for workshop dates and registration.

Workshop Details:
Pre-registration with payment is required at least 1 week prior to the workshop.

Workshop Fee: $150 per person/ $300 per couple.

You can call our practice at 917-968-5599 or email us at


Premarital Counseling  in NYC

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