Same-sex Premarital Counseling

Historic changes in the New York State marital law now allows same-sex couples, who previously could only dream of a legal marriage, the opportunity to have their relationship legally recognized.  Whether you are just starting out as a couple or if you have been together for years, marriage is an exciting new adventure.

Why should same-sex couples go for premarital counseling?

For a variety of reasons, same sex couples often forgo premarital counseling, missing out on this excellent tool for relationship enhancement.  Taking the time to access relationship assets and areas for possible improvement can take your relationship to the next level.  By exploring communication styles, family of origin issues and relationship roles couples are able to begin new, healthier patterns as they enter this new commitment together.

How can same-sex premarital counseling help us?

Same Sex premarital counseling helps place possible issues of internalized homophobia and societal pressure in context.  Couples will also look at how family and friends react to their relationship and their upcoming marriage.  Premarital counseling helps couples consider or reassess: financial planning, conflict resolution styles, intimacy and sexuality, parenting considerations and communication challenges.

Same Sex Premarital Counseling  in NYC

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